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Yoga & Pilates Workshops Summary

The Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Workshop will be focusing on hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps which when stretched, strengthened and supple will help enable you to run and cycle further and for longer. We will also touching on some Posture and Poses (asanas) to help strengthen our backs and Core Stability.

This workshop is 2 hours long.
Please bring your own Yoga Mat and I will provide everything else. If you do not have a mat please let me know when you book.

The Yoga and Relaxation Workshop will be a gentle Flow Yoga Class in a tranquil setting followed by a range of meditative and relaxation practices designed to help you rediscover calm and peace after the busy time of the year.

The workshop will be 3 hours long so there will be a half hour break for us to have tea and cake! I would also like to ask you to bring something to share for snacks (Vegetarian / vegan please) and I will provide coffee and a selection of teas. Please bring with you your own Yoga Mat and a blanket to keep you warm but if you do not have your own mat please let me know when you book.

Emsworth Community Centre
North Lane Emsworth PO10 7DD

Clanfield Scout Hall

Little Hyden Lane Clanfield PO8 0RU 

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Workshop  Saturday 5th January 2pm-4pm Emsworth

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Workshop  Saturday 2nd February 2pm-4pm Emsworth

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Workshop ~ Saturday 2nd March 2pm-4pm Emsworth

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5 product stars
Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Workshops - Tracy Stirzaker - 13/07/2017
'I've been going to Tiffany's yoga workshops for runners and cyclists for nearly a year now, not only has she helped with ongoing problems with the dreaded piriformis, I've learnt how to control my breathing especially with nerves at the beginning of runs, in fact with Tiffany's help I've was able to take part in the london marathon, so a big thanks to Tiffany.'

5 product stars
Yoga for Runners & Cyclists Workshop - Eleanor Newman - 13/07/2017
I started running in my forties and it's no surprise that, with age, I found myself more susceptible to injury with aching limbs needing plenty more time to recover after exercise! I try to counter this with plenty of strength and cross training, and Tiffany's yoga workshops are perfect for this. They specifically cater for cyclists and runners with a focus on building strength and stretching out those muscles prone to tightness or injury from running and cycling. It's fair to say that I always come away with considerably fewer aches and pains than I had at the start of a class! I'm never going to be in the leading pack of runners but to enjoy the experience, improve where I can and avoid injury is what it's about for me. I've attended Tiffany's yoga workshops for the past 6 months and in that time, become much more aware of good running form and breathing whilst running. Whilst I've still some way to go, I feel much stronger when running, carry far fewer niggles and have had no injuries - a significant improvement on the previous six months! Tiffany's workshops are inclusive and suitable for all abilities and, as an experienced runner and cyclist herself, her expertise shines through. What I love about these classes is that Tiffany always explains clearly what we are doing and why it's of particular benefit for runners and cyclists drawing out those poses that are of greatest benefit post run or cycle. She has a knack of creating an environment that is relaxed and friendly with a great balance of humour but at the same time makes sure we work hard!