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The benefits of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to you.

Improve Core Stability and Strength
Increase Flexibility and Improve Muscle Tone
Increase Joint and Ligament Mobility
Improve your Sports Performance
Weight Management
Improve your Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems
Breath Control, Stress Relief and Inner Peace

The 6 Pre- Paid Classes must be used within 8 weeks from the first class attended of the 6 purchased. Non refundable.


Hatha Yoga​ - Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Power Yoga

Mondays9:30amto10:45am (Emsworth Community Ctr)
£6 per class (6 classes) payable in class or via PayPal or £7 per class on a PayAsYouGo basis

Tuesdays 7pmto8:15pm ~ Perfect for Beginners (All Saints Hall)
£6 per class (6 classes) payable in class or via PayPal or £7 per class on a PayAsYouGo basis

Wednesdays 9:30amto10:45am (Clanfield Scout

£6 per class (per half term) payable in class or via PayPal or £7 per class on PayAsYouGo basis

Wednesdays 7.15pm to 8.30pm ~ Power Yoga (Clanfield Scout HUT)

£6 per class (6 classes) payable in class or via PayPal or £7 per class on a PayAsYouGo basis

Thursdays 7.15pmto8.30pm (Petersgate Infant School)
£6.50 per class (6 classes) payable in class or via PayPal or £7.50 per class on a PayAsYouGo basis

Fridays 9.30am to 10.30am (Clanfield Scout HUT)

£6 per class (per half term) payable in class or via PayPal or £7 per class on PayAsYouGo basis.


Clanfield Scout Hut
Little Hyden Lane

Clanfield PO8 0RU 

Petersgate Infant School
Green Lane
Clanfield PO8 0JU

Emsworth Community Centre
North Lane
Emsworth PO10 7DD

All Saints Hall
Catherington Lane
Catherington, Horndean, PO8 0TD



Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
"A real breath of fresh air" - Cathy Beresford - 01/09/2014
I have always fancied trying Yoga, but was a little nervous about giving it ago, but since starting Tiffany's classes I have learnt: Control, balance, stretching and core strengthening techniques and last but by no means least, the importance of good breathing! It has really helped me in all aspects of my day to day living.

5 product stars
Hard but worth it! - Veronica Folkard - 06/01/2014
I have always resisted yoga but found that running a lot meant I needed to give my muscles a good stretch. Tiffany's class is challenging but she always says just do what your body allows you to that week and I have definitely got stronger in my upper body and core muscles which I am sure has helped in my running. Plus, my upper arms and shoulders look great - it can only be thanks to the Downward Dog! Would highly recommend.

5 product stars
An Essential Part of My Triathlon Training - Julie Gadsden - 13/07/2017
I've been going to Tiffany's yoga classes for some years and they have become an essential component of my triathlon training programme. The class is probably the hardest training session I do in my week, but one of the most beneficial. The strength and flexibility developed in the MSE yoga class provide me with a solid platform on which to build my aerobic training. I am not the most flexible person but Tiffany's encouragement makes it almost fun :-). The weekly classes will be a key part of my training for the Triathlon World Championships in September 2017.