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The Running Bundle

5 product stars

The Running Bundle Summary

The Running Bundle is aimed for anyone who takes part in the Running 10 week Courses (Beginners and/or Improvers)

With 4 different running sessions to chose from this is a great bundle.

Usual price for 1 x 10 Week Course = £25

Running Bundle is Unlimited Running Sessions during the 10 week Course = £37.50

This Does NOT include the Friday / Saturday Distance Training or any additional Weekend Runs

Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Welcoming and motivational! - Veronica Folkard - 06/01/2014
I had been running for a few months by myself but found motivating myself to get out and run quite hard plus, I'd just moved to the area and didn't know many people. I heard about Tiffany and MSE from another mum at school and signed up first for the Core Circuits but then braved the running group at QE country park. I enjoyed it so much - Tiffany motivating us up the hills, the encouragement and laughs from the other ladies that I now do two of her running sessions and am ramping up to three this year! Roll on the half marathon. Don't be shy, come along, everyone is so friendly and it really doesn't matter how slow you go! You'll soon see progress and that feels great, thank you Tiffany!